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The American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is the only board that sets standards, examines and certifies surgeons exclusively in facial plastic & reconstructive surgery.

Riverside Helps Open Stuffy Noses

New minimally invasive procedure at Riverside today to help open stuffy noses. Click to watch the video!

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Another Riverside Rhino


If you watched the video from today this was the final result

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Rhinoplasty Surgery Step 1

Take a look at our Surgery for Rhinoplasty

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A very “deviant” septum !


But after reconstructive septoplasty 2 days ago at Riverside the septum is now straight and airway wide open !!

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Revision (redo) Rhinoplasty


Most plastic surgeons agree one of the most demanding and technically difficult procedures in plastic surgery is the revision (redo) rhinoplasty. One week postop today after having her rhinoplasty done elsewhere in 1989. The tip...

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Sinus Technology Brings Patient from Africa to New Jersey


Monica Mensem traveled from Nigeria to Red Bank to have her chronic sinus condition treated by Dr. Frank. Read the full article.

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US News & World Report Relief For Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers

Chronic Sinusitis is one of the most common health ailments in the United States, afflicting almost 40 million people in the country per year. Fortunately, most sinus attacks, which can include headaches, post nasal drip and nasal congestion, will subside with properly administered antibiotics, decongestants and steroid nasal sprays. However, because of anatomical problems that develop within the nose and failure of antibiotics to eradicate certain bacteria, the condition can occasionally be resistant to medical treatment and cause persistent symptoms that last for months or even years. 

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Asbury Park Press News Article A cut above the rest

Facial plastic and nasal sinus surgery are Frank J Scaccia’s specialties. So are racing bikes and running marathons. Suffice it to say, the Red Bank physician works and plays on the cutting edge.

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Asbury Park Press News article

Bizarre hiccups cure sets off medical marathon



LEANING BACK in his chair relaxing after a workday at a chemical company, 60-year-old Donald Logan felt the hiccups starting. They’d been doing that since he was 18, but since1988, they had worsened–striking regularly and without warning for days at a time.

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Meridian Health Views Community newsletter


Sinus Surgery Ends 10 Years of Problems

Sinus problems and sleep apnea won’t slow down this politician anymore, thanks to Riverview Medical Center’s new infrared image-guided computer system.

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Who always wondered what

who always wondered what a nasal polyp looks like and how we remove it . . Riverside Plastic Surgery And Sinus Center, NJ Frank Scaccia MD FACS Main Office 70 East Front St., Third Flr. Red Bank, NJ 07701 Tel: (732) 747-5300 Fax: (732)...

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Correction of the Wide Bulbous Tip


1 week post op rhinoplasty with narrowing and correction of tip deformities. Swelling still very evident.

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It's Just Not All About the Bump


1 week post op rhinoplasty that involved extensive Tip contouring with cartilage grafts below tip to expand retracted nostrils. Small...

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Immediate Post-op at Riverside


Today at Riverside. Immediate postop with permission.

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Chin Implant and Neck Tuck


Chin implant & neck tuck/lipo all through 1 inch incision under chin. 3 weeks post-op with swelling. With patient permission.

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Princess Grace Kelly!


Had a patient we operated on who brought in a pic of the former Princess of Monaco and said please give me her nose. Well. . ok . .I did the best I could

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3 Month Post OP


3 month post op today 3/4 oblique view Left photo preop With patient permission

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Facelift and lower eyelids 4 months post op


Little over 4 months post op today face/neck lift and lower eyelid fat removal Follow up on her surgery video I showed on Facebook this past...

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Do you have HANGING EARLOBES? Do you think Kris Jenner is the only one that gets that fixed?


Do you have HANGING EARLOBES ? Do you think Kris Jenner is the only one that gets that fixed. ?...

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Six weeks post op today.. still swollen but getting there . with patient's permission



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