Lip Enhancement

Given the importance of a smile, plastic surgery for lip enhancement can give you a beautiful and a more sensuous mouth.

Given the importance of a smile, plastic surgery for lip enhancement and enlargement with redefining of the cupid’s bow can give you a beautiful and a more sensuous mouth. High fashion always makes lucious lips as a key element of their magazine advertisements and design. Many Hollywood super stars have had plastic surgery of their lips.

Lipstick lines (vertical lines just above the upper lip) can be minimized with a CO2 carbon dioxide laser. In time sun exposure, smoking, and age play their part in making the corners of your mouth droop. The V shape of the cupids bow may flatten out loosing it’s sensuality. Smokers line’s (vertical lines just above the upper lip) may cause your lipstick to run. Men today are opting more for plastic surgery then ever. They’ve become more conscience about their appearence and are seeking cosmetic surgery including plastic surgery lip enhancement or enlargement.

Rejuventaed and enhanced lips have become more sophisticated, utilizing Lasers, injectable fillers and or synthetic implants. During your consultation with Dr Scaccia he will discuss your preferences, the actual size and shape you desire. A before and after image could be provided.

Laser Lip Rejuvenation

The Remington Lip a procedure utilizing a variety of laser treatments to rejuvenate wrinkles and other signs of aging. With this technique the collegen and elastic tissue will remold and tighten, restore the cupids bow and that youthful V shape, and a pair of luscious, and delicious lips. Recovery from injectables will result in your lips being swollen for a couple of hours. You can resume normal activities, and make another appointment for touch-up treatments.

Human Collagen Autologous (your own) Fat Transfer, Autologen is made from your own skin. Excess tissue obtain from any other cosmetc surgery performed at our office.You cannot be allergic to it because it is yours. Dr enlarges your lips with fat taken from inconspicuous parts of your body. Using a cannula a small probing tube attached to a vacuum. Dr Scaccia can extract bit of fat tissue usually from the buttocks:cleanses it with saline, reading it for injection. It is a naturally safe procedure designed to restore damaged dermal deficiency. It lasts longer than any of the other fillers. It is a quick procedure and not particularly painful. Dr can make your lips fuller and soften laugh lines, nasolabial folds as well.

Dermalogen and Fascian the newest fillers on the market also called micro-liposuction. Injectable forms of human collagen acquired from a company who adheres to the American Tissue Bank Guide lines.

Lip Augmentation has become extremely popular in the last decade. Pouty lips have become very fashionable. Fuller lips gives you a more youthful appearance. Gore-Tex or synthetic material which is injected into your lips and forms a ridge along your upper and lower lip line.

Alloderm tissue one of the latest technique in lip augmentation utilizing donated cadaver tissue as a matrix of cellular tissue. Through small incisions in the corners of the mouth, Alloderm is threaded through the lip. Sutures will remain in place for seven days.

Dermal fat grafts or temporalis fascial grafts another technique for increasing lip size. The fatty tissue/dermal skin tissue is surgically placed under the skin of the lips. This excess tissue can be tailored and trimmed into perfect shapes in lip augmentation. Patient can choose to have just the upper or just the lower lip augmented and easily designed by Dr Scaccia.

Lip lift or V-Y advancement are two other excellent procedures, technically they involve various incisions in and around the lips. It is permanent and a new lip border is outlined. Lip tissue is advanced to another position, increases height and allows for a larger lip.

AdvantaTM implant is the top synthetic choice. Advanta TM is an actual tube of Gore-Tex that can be threaded through the skin. These implants are proven safe procedures, non-allergenic and help obtain pleasing results.

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