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Thank You!!

It’s been a little over a year and a half since Dr. Scaccia performed my nose surgery, so this thank you is long over due! I seriously can’t thank Dr. Scaccia enough for the beautiful job he did! And not only just for me, but my own brother and now sister-in-law who also had nose surgery by him – he is highly recommended by our families!

After getting some of our wedding photos back, I can’t help but share them, as I wouldn’t love them nearly as much, if it wasn’t for Dr. Scaccia fixing my nose! Can’t thank Dr. Scaccia enough for giving me my confidence back!! It’s a breath of fresh air!! (Literally! I can even breathe better!) Dr. Scaccia did an amazing job!! THANK YOU, ENDLESSLY!!!

PS. An extra thank you is owed to your wonderful staff who kept me calm and comfortable through the entire process! THANK YOU ALL!!!

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Best Surgeon I’ve Ever Seen

Dr. Scaccia is a wonderful doctor. He is thorough and meticulous with everything he does. I’ve been suffering with allergies, asthma, and sinus infections for over 20 years and I’ve seen about ten different ENTs in my lifetime who pumped me with medications that didn’t work. In the first five minutes of my consult with Dr. Scaccia, he identified my nasal deformity and was spot on. He corrected my nose via a septoplasty, trimmed my inferior turbinates and opened up my sinuses. I haven’t been able to breathe this good in my whole life post surgery. I also sleep the best I’ve ever slept in my life. This is the best I’ve felt in my entire lifetime from a breathing perspective. He is a highly skilled surgeon and keeps your medical needs at his highest priority. He is also very meticulous post surgery and ensures the proper recovery of every patient. I would recommend him a thousand times over. His office staff is also top notch. They were on top of my medical paperwork and treated me very kindly when I was there including post surgery phone calls on the weekends which you don’t normally receive from other offices. Hands down, the best doctor I’ve ever been to.

Dr. Scaccia is the Right Choice

I chose Dr. Scaccia’s to perform my procedure because of his education, knowledge, skills as a doctor and surgeon and his professionalism. In addition, Dr. Scaccia’s office staff are extremely efficient and very nice, offering any help I could have needed. It is a big plus that Dr. Scaccia has an onsite operating room so I didn’t have to go to a hospital. I truly believe that Dr. Scaccia takes enormous pride in his work and wants the best for his patients. I am incredibly happy with the results of my procedure and I totally recommend Dr. Scaccia.

No More Breathing Problems

Dr. Scaccia is an amazing surgeon. He takes his time to explain your medical condition. I had sinus surgery Oct. 3rd 2018. I no longer suffer from sinus congestion, & I now can breathe through my nose. Thanks to a great surgeon. Also I would like to thank his staff who were also helpful.

Outstanding Care

Had a tonsillectomy, nose reconstruction, along with many other ailments that made me have trouble breathing. Dr. Scaccia and his staff did a wonderful job making sure the procedure and recovery went as smooth and painless as possible. Their care really relieved the stress that can come with major surgery. I recommend his practice to anyone with breathing problems as well as post nasal drip issues.


After so many years of sinus issues and breathing issues, I decided to do some research on the right specialist to go to! Fast forward, I decided that Dr. Scaccia was the surgeon I would see! I cannot say anything but positive things about everyone in the office!!! The staff and operating room nurses were truly wonderful! Dr Scaccia was absolutely professional yet warm and made me feel very comfortable at every one of my appointments! My surgery and recuperation went very well and I am so so happy with my results! Thank you Dr. Scaccia and staff for making me so happy with my results!!!

A Perfectionist and Surgical Genius

After years of chronic sinus infections that interfered with my wellbeing and quality of life, I turned to Dr. Scaccia for sinus surgery, septoplasty, and rhinoplasty and couldn't have been happier with the results. Not only can I breathe better (noticeable immediately), my cosmetic results look beyond amazing! And the best part of it all is that I still look like "me", which was very important to what my end desired result was. Dr. Scaccia spent hours with me during pre-opp appointments to explain everything and answer all of my questions and all of the nurses and staff in his office are friendly and amazing. After my surgery Dr. Scaccia was available around the clock to quickly address any of my concerns. Dr. Scaccia is truly meticulous, a perfectionist and surgical genius that I highly recommend to anyone in the area. He's truly the best!

Dr. Scaccia is Your Only Choice

Seriously, I have never been breathing that easily through my nose. The procedure was done so professionally that i did not feel a thing and have not even taken a single pain reliever pill after that. I had a small sinus infection after that and could breathe through the nose...never before! This is in addition to some cosmetics done by the Doc. Long story short, if you want a professional to do the job - Dr. Scaccia is your only choice.

Very Meticulous!

Dr.Scaccia was the only surgeon who looked at the inside along with the outside of my nose during the initial consultation and found out that I could breathe better along with having a better looking nose. He pays attention to detail and is very meticulous. I really like the end result of my nose surgery and would recommend him to anyone looking to have a rhinoplasty and septum surgery along with other types of plastic surgery. Along with this the staff are very nice and caring. They also helped me not feel as nervous before the actual surgery.

Changed My Life

Dr. Scaccia’s work has been life changing for me. He did my revision rhinoplasty after a previous doctor stole a year of my life with his terrible work. Dr. Becker had promised me, and I quote, that I would be his “posterchild for rhinoplasty but after 6 months of insisting it was just swelling, I was told that there was a “misunderstanding of how much could be done” and that “I was still a pretty girl, it wasn’t the end of the word.” I was devastated. My relationships and daily life suffered because I was so consumed with these horrible rhinoplasty results that were in the middle of my face! I was a young girl and I barely wanted to leave my house. I had no choice but to go through the whole process again but I was really scared to trust another doctor. Dr. Scaccia didn’t BS me but rather promised me his professionality and to do the best he could. His staff was so encouraging and empathetic of my situation and ultimately they were the ones who made me truly hopeful going into my revision. I just want to say that if you need a bump shaved, anyone can do that for you. However, tip work, like I needed, is much more difficult and not many surgeons are skilled in that. Dr. Scaccia is a perfectionist and he will not stop until he knows he’s done a job you will be happy with. My revision was a long one and Dr. Scaccia stayed after and explained everything he did to my fiancé. Dr. Becker simply disappeared after he operated on me! When it was finally time for the unveiling, all of the girls in the office came into the room while Dr. Scaccia took off my cast to support me. My nightmare was finally over. My best friend literally cried when she saw the results and was so thankful I found Dr. Scaccia and I could put all this behind me. This was several years ago now and I still think of Dr. Scaccia as my hero. He gave me the kind of confidence I will forever be grateful for.

AMAZING Experience!

I cannot say enough good things about my experience here. I’m 23 years old and have wanted to get my nose done since middle school. I finally decided to go through with it and am SO happy I found Dr. Scaccia. From day one, he made me feel very comfortable and confident about the procedure. The staff is so nice and friendly as well. I went in for surgery on a Friday and was back at work within 8 days. Everything went so smoothly. I just got my cast off a couple days ago and I’m BEYOND happy with my new nose! I’ll post updated pictures once it’s 100% healed, but I’m already in love with it. I highly recommend Dr. Scaccia to anyone looking to get rhinoplasty!

So Grateful For This Doctor!

I'm a little over one week post-op for a revision rhinoplasty (just had the cast removed yesterday), and can already say this doctor is amazing at what he does! I had my original rhinoplasty by a different doctor 10 years ago and was left with a "ok" nose. There was nothing major about my nose that stood out as obviously bad or deformed, but I never felt like it was quite right. I was cautious to get a second rhinoplasty because I was nervous it still wouldn't be quite right, or worse. However, when I found Dr. Scaccia I was so impressed with his work I decided to take the plunge, and I'm so glad I did! He perfected every minor detail about my nose and left it looking better than I was even expecting! I also got an upper lip lift at the same time as my rhinoplasty, which really helped to balance out my face. The lip is still also healing, but so far I am quite pleased with how it looks and think it will look very well proportioned and natural once the swelling subsides. He also did a turbinate reduction which helped improve my breathing, and I no longer feel like I'm breathing through a straw. I will try and update with a final review and before and after pictures in a few weeks when the swelling is gone. Thank you Dr. Scaccia!!